Hokkaido (May 2010)

View from Mt. Hakodate~

enjoying a LIVE shrimp so much i ended up spitting it all over the ground next to someones foot

more FOOD ❤

Best soft serve IN THE WORLD, I SWEAR, WHY else would i eat it 3x/day




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Spain (2007)

bullfight in sevilla~

barcelona = amazing

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Lake Tahoe (2009)

Family trip to tahoe…

At the lake…

Reminds me of Snow Falling on Cedars, which I finished recently and was so pretty! I especially liked Hatsue and Kabuo’s love vs. Hatsue and Ishmael Chamber’s love – how the former is right. Very profound. 🙂

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vietnam (2010)

i just slept for an epic ~20 hrs after an exhausting wk, but now it’s time for an EPIC blog post! so, a few days ago i came back from a medical mission in yen bai city, vietnam.

~5,500 patients were seen!! many people had never seen a doctor in their life. i was shocked many things that i saw. i have hundreds of pictures, but i didn’t w ant to post online a bunch of pics of patients…

the kids were so adorable!! my fingers hurt so much after making so many balloons!

hehe. my friend, mai, and i posing back to back!

they asked me to take this.

yummy, delicious vietnamese coffee!!!! our group brought back 11 cases of G7 vietnamese coffee.

ice cream break! 15 cents in USD, but so small – practically the size of my finger.

we drove 5hrs up the mountains to saba. our bus driver drove crazily. i felt so sick. 😦

so beautiful, but i felt like vomiting the whole time. 😦 😦

finally there! i would like to come back one day. the tallest mountain is in saba and a lot of foreigners visit to trek up the this mountain. i was told a guide costs ~$15-20/day and it takes 3 days to hike up.

the inhabitants in the mountains are all hmong. this is what the girls normally wear!

hehe, a little hmong girl. she was super shy.

cute little pigs in the village

then we went to a vietnamese wedding

there was dancing

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Egypt (2005)

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Brazil (Oct. 2009)

it took FIVE flights to visit relatives in Sao Paulo, Brazil!!

iguassu falls (Brazil) is made up of 270 falls total

iguassu falls (view from Argentina), dont be jealous timmy! 🙂

sunset @ Iguassu, Brazil

LMAO, bird park @ Iguassu, Brazil

obsessed w/ this goat graffiti! Sao Paulo, Brazil

view from Christ The Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"meeting of the waters" on amazon river, when the "white" Solimoes River meets the "black" Rio Negro (FLUID DYNAMICS!!!!! awesome)

traveled 4 hrs by boat from Manaus into the Amazon jungle

our guide took us alligator spotting

im also obsessed w/ this black & white wave pattern. it is inspired by the meeting of the waters! so coool.

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oldies but goodies

❤ you foreverrrr LE

hehe so happy – friends + pie + jewelry 😉

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ hahahah we’re awesome

halloween suprise!! muahaha. chris, ur gonna marry a mexican girl and then die. and i get to be a doctor! and kristen gets to be a model! muahahhaaa.

loved my tiramisu!! 🙂


luv u guys for raiding my house amidst mcat barricade  🙂

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miss you

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in Taiwan now!!

i lit these firecrackers:O

my room, jk

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