bunny listens to the music! again!!

sophie 要回 myanmar 了。 希望以後再見! :)


May 13, 2010. Tags: , . Friends.


  1. Rachel replied:

    ohhhh i love that background!! is it wall paper? 🙂

    • guofo replied:

      yeah, its wallpaper! good call! now that i think of it, it reminds me of you。 :) cant wait to see you soon!ill be back 6/3。

  2. Sophie replied:

    我也希望 我們 有機會的話,可以再見到面~ 。。。Sharon。。我會想你的~

  3. glassknob replied:

    So this is a cafe? are there bunnies or cool music inside?

    • guofo replied:

      hell yeah there are bunnies inside the cafe! uhh i dont remember the music though… this place is made for me – the interior is all bunnies and lavender stuff! ❤

      • Christie replied:

        haha how cool! reminds me of those cat cafes in Japan. anyway, come back soon, Guo! 🙂

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