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  1. Rachel replied:

    ohhh! what does the rest say? it reminds me of Full House (the kdrama not the olson twins show) Aja aja fighting!

  2. guofo replied:

    😀 i used to LOVE full house!! (the korean drama)

    i can only read the chinese/english portions. this is someone’s wish – what i can read says “grades” “victory” and then “fighters!”

    • Rachel replied:

      awww cuuuute 🙂

  3. Sylvia replied:

    are you in Japan??

    • guofo replied:

      nope, i got back a few days ago. gonna post more japan pics soon. can you read what the japanese says?

  4. Sylvia replied:

    a bit, ah so envious of you! i want to go to Japan! rawr~

    • guofo replied:

      if you go now, there would be cherry blossoms in hokkaido right now!!!! we missed them by a few days. 😥

      • Sylvia replied:

        hehe 🙂 what i wanted to see most was sunflowers field blossoming…and when I went to Hokkaido…missed them by a few days as well

  5. Simon replied:

    It says something like: To get better grades, to win, do your/my best, ‘kay?

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