food review!!! I go to Costco in Taipei almost weekly. Its almost exactly like Costco in the states!! Except that 99% of the ppl in the store are asian and everything is written in chinese/english. i was in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE!!!!

anyway, taipei costco has:

1) AMAZING pizza: seafood, hawaiian, and peking duck.

2) not so great hot  dogs

3) HOKKAIDO STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM!!! must try next time

4) chicken bakes, but ALSO bulgogi bakes! whoaaaa

5) ppl bickering over parking spots and places to sit in the cafeteria, just like home sweet home


March 20, 2010. Tags: , , . Food.


  1. chris replied:

    … i want that peking duck pizza. like, a lot.

  2. glassknob replied:



    Sad that the hot dogs aren’t as good as at home 😦

  3. Timmy replied:

    Wow, i would probably just get everything there. nom nom

    • Sharon replied:

      nom nom nom! heheee.

      what a cute icon timmy!!

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