vietnam (2010)

i just slept for an epic ~20 hrs after an exhausting wk, but now it’s time for an EPIC blog post! so, a few days ago i came back from a medical mission in yen bai city, vietnam.

~5,500 patients were seen!! many people had never seen a doctor in their life. i was shocked many things that i saw. i have hundreds of pictures, but i didn’t w ant to post online a bunch of pics of patients…

the kids were so adorable!! my fingers hurt so much after making so many balloons!

hehe. my friend, mai, and i posing back to back!

they asked me to take this.

yummy, delicious vietnamese coffee!!!! our group brought back 11 cases of G7 vietnamese coffee.

ice cream break! 15 cents in USD, but so small – practically the size of my finger.

we drove 5hrs up the mountains to saba. our bus driver drove crazily. i felt so sick. 😦

so beautiful, but i felt like vomiting the whole time. 😦 😦

finally there! i would like to come back one day. the tallest mountain is in saba and a lot of foreigners visit to trek up the this mountain. i was told a guide costs ~$15-20/day and it takes 3 days to hike up.

the inhabitants in the mountains are all hmong. this is what the girls normally wear!

hehe, a little hmong girl. she was super shy.

cute little pigs in the village

then we went to a vietnamese wedding

there was dancing


March 13, 2010. Photography, Travel.


  1. doyekennit replied:

    UMMMMMMMM FUCK I WANT TO SEE ALL OF THESE PHOTOS WHEN YOU GET BACK. i’m so glad you are having such an amazing time! ❤

  2. Rachel replied:

    ohh cool! i didn’t know you were there for a medical mission…neat! who’s wedding was it?

    • Sharon replied:

      it was one of the volunteer’s. it was soooooo cold up in the mountains at night. i just stood near the fire the whole time. heh.

  3. Kristen replied:

    aww you look so happy and pretty! totally a player! ;D

    also, omfg those little children are adorable. <333333

    • Sharon replied:

      today i went shopping and got on the wrong bus on the way home and everyone got so frantic! anyways, what i wanted to say is that i saw all these cool things i would love to show you!!!! it made me think of you. 🙂

  4. glassknob replied:

    wowww amazing pictures! sounds like an amazing time 🙂

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