i got another email from my stalker. he was concerned for me. you know why? BECAUSE there was a giant earthquake in south taiwan this morning. but we could feel it all the way up in taipei. i was eating breakfast and said to aunt A “somethings shaking.” she goes “oo its just your aunt B walking upstairs.” WHAT?!??? no…

anyway, apparently cockroaches come out when theres an earthquake (according to aunt A). YEAH. so i flipped the light on in my room, and there was a GINORMOUS cockroach darting under my chair!!!! i screamed THREE times. JEEEBUS.


March 4, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. constellational replied:

    oh no! how scary!! šŸ˜¦
    but i’m glad you are okay and safe from your stalker in another country!!! ā¤

  2. glassknob replied:

    haha omg. glad you’re safe though! I actually just emailed you about it hah.

  3. lsiymle replied:

    O.O stalker?

    yea, supposedly if insects start showing up unusually in your house, it’s because they can feel something is coming like earthquake

    but šŸ˜› did you kill the cockroach?

    • Sharon replied:

      ya. my aunt started spraying the area where i saw the cockroach head toward. then an hour later when i came back i saw the cockroach on its back, like dying. and i started screaming agian. lol.

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