Family Portrait (~1970)

I found this the other day, and love love it. My grandmother and her 8 children. Can you tell which is my mom? 🙂


February 27, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Rachel replied:

    old photos are super funnn 🙂

  2. chris replied:

    far left?

  3. glassknob replied:

    I also vote bottom left

    (this is Christie btw!)

  4. Sharon replied:

    haha. guess again!

  5. chris replied:

    oh i voted for top left. is that correct?

  6. chris replied:

    if not, girl to the left of the guy in the center (from his perspective)

    • Sharon replied:

      mmm. nooo… all 3 of your guesses are wrong chris… :/ no skills!

  7. constellational replied:

    i vote far right!

    • Sharon replied:

      😀 thats why we’re bb!!!

      • constellational replied:

        I KNEW IT. Awwww she looks just like little sharon 🙂 🙂

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